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About Us

Our classes combine self-defense and competition style Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in order to help everyone who comes through our doors. Our hope is that even if someone chooses not to continue to train, they will have the knowledge to successfully defend themselves and avoid becoming a criminal statistic. We encourage all of our students to train regularly. Without regular drilling of technique, it becomes more difficult to recall the technique in dangerous situations.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as Self Defense

The first classes a new participant will have are self-defense style classes. They will learn basic self-defense techniques for preparation for the most common situations. Our instructor will also guide them through what they should do in case of an attempted criminal action. Each self defense lesson is individually designed.  For example, students will learn to defend themselves against bullies within the confines of the school’s codes.

Competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Competition style Jiu-Jitsu is a more advanced style that with consistent training will help shape the participant’s body and mind to defeat even other trained individuals. We encourage attending competitions in order to hone skill and highlight areas that still need to be worked on. We believe that through competition and regular training, an individual’s muscles become accustomed to the positions. Muscle memory often takes over when adrenaline kicks in, therefore it’s important for the muscles to have recently practiced in order to successfully defend yourself. It’s also important to remain in shape for self-defense. Regular classes will give the participant the benefit of both.

316 BJJ Family

It is with great pride that we say that this is a family friendly gym! We have worked hard to maintain an environment of acceptance and understanding free from negative influences and behavior's so that people from all walks of life feel safe training with us. We are a faith based gym and believe people from all backgrounds should train no matter if they are a Christian or not. It is about serving others and providing a family friendly environment in Rockwall for people to learn the most effective martial art offered in Rockwall county. We train together and also have hang outs regularly to fortify the bond among our 316 family. We believe that as our community gets stronger and safer we all benefit as a collective and enjoy watching everyone grow and become more self assured.

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