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"AJ has grown so much in just 7 months of training at 316BJJ. He started off being shy, embarrassed easily, and not confident in his physical abilities. Now he is more outgoing and has confidence in himself. After his first tournament, he walked onto the mat at 316BJJ with a little "swag" in his step!"

    -Linda S., A.J.'s Mom

"Our two oldest sons attend 316 BJJ in Rockwall after school and the benefits of the jiu jitsu training are extremely apparent; especially with the younger, who is extremely hyperactive.  His hyperactivity was becoming a problem at school as well as at home and could not be controlled with dietary changes alone.  Almost immediately after Austin began attending 316 BJJ we noticed small changes in his behavior, attention span, and discipline.  We still have good and bad days, however the difference is they back us up in holding him accountable, and having a group like the one at 316 BJJ to reinforce our values has been pivotal in helping us raising our kids to become gentlemen."

    -Renee A., Vinny and Austin's Mom


316 BJJ is a wonderful community of amazing people who share a great passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We have been training as a family at 316 BJJ since July 2019, but have been part of BJJ scene since 2014.  Having experienced several gyms, I can confidently say that the 316 BJJ is more than a gym, they're family. I have two boys (12 & 5), and a girl (10), who train regularly and they truly enjoy their time and experience at 316 BJJ.  The Professors and coaching staff are amazing and sincerely care for all the kids. They ensure that they leave with more confidence in themselves, in their ability to defend, protect, and rise above in any occasion. They enforce the importance of discipline and respect. As a mom and a BJJ practitioner myself, I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie of the gym as a whole and the solid training. We are grateful to have 316 BJJ in our lives. -Jen L. 

My family of five joined 316 BJJ a few years ago and in that time we have experienced tremendous growth. The gym, as well as the community we have found there, has taught us to strive for excellence both on and off the mat. Jiu jitsu is may be an individual journey, but at this gym it's a family affair. 

-Stephanie H.


The 316 BJJ family is so very important to my overall health. They provide a safe, challenging workout that makes me a more capable husband and father. The 316 coaches and staff are very high level Jui Jitsu practitioners only topped by their character as people.

-Joe S.


Confidence, clarity and mental growth have been only a few of the things we've experienced since starting our family at 316 BJJ! 

World class group of instructors who take the time to break it down and are super amazing with kids. 

Since starting my hubby has lost over 40lbs. 

Definitely a group of people I want our family to be around.

-Karina B. 

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