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Jiu Jitsu helps kids learn self-defense. In most school districts, if a child is being bullied and retaliates through a use of physical force they are punished as harshly as the bully. Often this involves suspension or alternative school. An unfair system, but one that our children have to live with. Our gym offers an Anti-Bullying program that will allow the kids to learn to defend themselves, within the limits allowed by the state, and therefore avoid trouble. Instead, of punching, the kids learn to take down bullies and how to hold them down without either child being hurt.

   Great Video About Kids in BJJ

The self-defense aspect of Gracie or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is natural due to the continued repetitions of learning to not only control your opponent / attacker but in learning to control your own thoughts and actions. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu unlike most other martial arts like Tae Kwon Do / Taekwondo or karate has you in such bad positions that just as in life the first thing the child has to do is learn to stay calm and engage the most powerful weapon they have, their brain! Jiu-Jitsu also increases the child’s confidence through learning to use not only their body but their voices and body language which makes them much more comfortable in the real world. They know how to successfully ward off bullies, but they also become part of an environment that bolsters their confidence through team work and a sense of community. Our coaches carefully watch over the training, to insure that no one is injured, but also to ensure that the kids receive the proper amount of praise in order to encourage their self-confidence.

However, they also learn self-control and discipline. Our coaches demand respect be given on and off the mat to not only the staff but to their parents and teachers. This bleeds over to their personal lives, increasing the respect given at home and in the classroom. The kids become healthier because of the training, working out their full bodies in a way that is both entertaining to the kids and important to the parents.

We proudly offer a family friendly environment, free from profanity, vulgarity, and other crudeness. We also encourage fun, playing games and learning.

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