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It is a sad fact that one in four women will be a victim of abuse in America today and even in our relatively small communities of Rockwall, Royse city, Greenville, Caddo Mills, Wylie, Lavon, Rowlett, Heath and surrounding cities and counties in Texas. We here at 316 Gracie style  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu feel obligated to give back to our Texas communities in Rockwall and Hunt Counties by helping arm our women with the ability to protect themselves which is why we are so passionate about women's self defense. Our training combines basic self-defense with a desire to see women grow in their confidence to defend themselves. We offer specialized female only events periodically that will instruct women how to defend themselves against various types of attacks and various types of weapons, even if they are completely unarmed. However, we encourage women to attend our regular classes in order to gain the most knowledge and proficiency in self defense with the use of Gracie style Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts. As with most things, practice makes perfect. The more often a technique is drilled the more likely one will be able to successfully use in in a real life situation. Our classes will also offer the opportunity to use your skill against men, increasing confidence in the effectiveness of the skill. 

Training is an intense full body workout which has beneficial side effects like weight loss, toning, muscle gain and most importantly self confidence! We have seen women who had so much anxiety it was hard for them to function daily overcome the anxiety and fear to live much happier and fuller lives! It is no magic pill by any stretch of the imagination,  Gracie style Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  takes hard work, hours on the mat and dedication but with all of this can truly transform lives. It uses all the muscles and requires a large amount of cardio—compressing hours of time at the gym with hundreds of machines—into a single hour. With consistent training the health benefits become just as important as self-defense. One increases flexibility, cardio conditioning, muscle strength, core strength, and gains a vast knowledge of self-defense.

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