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Why the Fish? 


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Studio Code: 316 BJJ

We feel very blessed to be able to provide a clean, safe and family friendly place for men, women and kids to train martial arts at our free standing academy next door to Autozone in Rockwall, Texas. We have a strong kids anti bully / fitness program as well as a lot of women daily in our self defense / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes so you will feel comfortable as you start training. If you are looking for an activity to help you get in shape and lose weight while building and toning your existing muscles why not do it learning something useful and practical like self defense in a fun family friendly gym like our academy? There is no better self defense / mixed martial art than Brazilian Jujitsu and we feel like we are the best place to train in Rockwall county TX! We feel it is far superior to traditional martial arts like Taekwondo and Karate in real world applications especially in an assault type situation where it inevitably goes to the ground almost every time. Come try one of our kids classes, BJJ martial arts or women's self defense course for free to see if you think the 316 BJJ family is a good fit for yours!

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