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We here at 316 BJJ are very happy to be able to partner with such a premier private school like Woodbridge Montessori Academy in Rockwall Tx. We will be there one day a week teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu, anti-bullying, and self defense. This curriculum along with the flexibility, core strength,

self control, mental toughness, and discipline are unbelievably valuable for children and very hard to find in any other sport or activity you can find out there. In addition, the martial art we teach in Rockwall, has proven time and time again to be highly effective when matched up with an aggressor who may try to bully or harm your child. We do not do kata's like karate or taekwondo Jiu-jitsu is all real world techniques used in a realistic environment once the student has acquired the basic skills necessary to perform them without hurting themselves or their training partner. Please go to the link below to sign up and get your child started today!

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