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Professor Country

Black Belt / Faxia Preta

Scott began fighting at a very young age in his hometown, Greenville. Shortly after taking up the sport he began participating in the Golden Gloves for seven years. He joined the army at seventeen and was recruited for the boxing team. He spent only a short time on the team when he was selected for a SOCOM: 160th SOAR. During his training, he first experienced jiu-jitsu, along with many other martial arts. He enjoyed jiu-jitsu, seeing it as a different challenge than anything he had experienced before.

 So when he retired from the unit, nearly seven years later, Scott began training Jiu-Jitsu again, while earning his Texas Police Officer’s License. He has served as a Texas Peace Officer for nearly twelve years and has obtained his Master Peace Officer License.  He quickly realized the usefulness of jiu-jitsu in law enforcement application. Since then, he has paired the two together, creating a unique combination of self-defense for both citizens and other law enforcement officers. He instructs many things, including Pressure Points Control, Knife Fighting, Baton, and the defense to each of these specialized fighting styles. Scott is TCOLE Instructor Certified. He compliments his skill with an extensive knowledge of Texas Law.

Scott possesses a special talent when working with kids. He encourages self-esteem while enforcing self-discipline. He works with Anti-Bullying Programs to help teach children how to defend themselves in many real world situations. As a part of the training he teaches kids to work with-in the system of school policy, in order to successfully defend themselves, without harming the other student and risking punishment.  

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